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Things That Make Bathmate Hydromax Score Over Other Pumps in UK

The penile extender market has grown considerably in recent years primarily due to the innovative technologies. Gone are the days when one was intimidated with complex devices that look more of rip-off from sci-fi movies.
Today, enlargement pumps are more functional and offer better safety standards than anything you have seen in the past. Although technology has evolved across all directions, the growth of Bathmate Hydromax in UK has been phenomenal.

In fact, some people believe that it is the most impressive design around and here are few reasons that you will also like to consider.

1. Water power

Some years back, no one would have thought that anything else than air can power the pumps. However, hydraulic technology really changed everything. Hydromax is a one-of-a-kind patented device that doesnâEUR(TM)t require battery or air bulb to create pressure. Just the pump and water are enough to get started anywhere, anytime.
In fact the design is complete water proof and can be used in shower of submerged in bath tub. It is actually intended to be used in bathroom only. The brand has even developed a handy accessory, i.e. shower strap from hands-free usage.

2. Features list

Bathmate might be a popular brand in UK but it had to come up with something better after the popularity of original Hercules design started declining. The manufacturers thought of keeping the basic features and worked on other things like comfort and ease of use. Within just a few years, Bathmate Hydromax was launched in the market.
It offers 50 new features over the basic model and is considered one of the most advanced things around. Swivelling bellows, comfort pad, latch mechanism and comfort grip, it has lot to offer that you wonâEUR(TM)t find anyplace else.


If you have to pick up the top concern with penis enlargement pumps in UK, it will down to safety at some point or the other. Classic pump designs looked scary and it is pretty similar with some around today too. Furthermore, cheap pumps cause accidents and injuries making people more sceptical on whether they work or not.
Now the basic design of Hydromax cannot really get any simpler. As a manually operated thing, there are no risks of shock and short-circuits. Apart from that, you have complete control on pressure level with just one-hand operation to keep things simple. Measurement gauge, swivelling bellows and latch make things more convenient than ever.


Pick up any enlargement pump and compare its availability with Bathmate. The brand is virtually available in every country or can be shipped at low prices. This is certainly a notable benefit but apart from that thousands of men have tried and reviewed the device across one platform or the other.
Hydromax has satisfied many and is still one of the better selling products around. You can easily go through some of the reviews on popular seller websites and find out what it actually offers.

Is it for your?

Going through the benefits and advantages of Bathmate Hydromax in UK, you might think that it is the best thing around but will it work for you? It is basically a non-prescription device available only to men over 18 years of age.
It should only be used by men who are not on any kind of drugs especially those treating chronic illness. You should talk to doctor about such things if there is any sort of doubt. Also refrain from usage in prostate problems.

  • Explore some of the popular websites
  • Do not purchase from individual sellers
  • Consider discreet shipping and packaging
  • Follow directions carefully
  • Do not combine usage with other devices
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