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Why Penis Enlargement Drugs Pose a Threat to Health?

When it comes to going to bed with a gorgeous lady, most men though think of it as a dream, but hesitate in reality. The reason for that is their lack of confidence in their penis size. Men associate their self-esteem with their manhood and an average or below average size of penis may make them feel low and depressed. Taking advantage of this psychological and physical inadequacy are pharmaceutical firms and advertisements which ask you to buy their penis enlargement products which are on your face every day in newspapers, internet and emails. What really pricks your mind when you see these adverts is that do these penis enlargement drugs really work?

The truth is it is difficult to differentiate from real and fake products when it comes to drugs. Those companies which disclose the contents and sell products that are clinically tested by reliable sources are the ones you should trust. Besides, if you are really not confident about using drugs then a safer option is to go for penis enlargement pumps such as Bathmate Hydromax pump. These devices come with a technology which uses only air and water to enhance your penis size. Made with material to suit the needs of your sensitive organ, it comes with certain extra features which can help make the process comfortable too. With a bellow pump design, a comfort latch and a cylinder head which moves 180 degrees allowing you to see measuring gauge, this penis pump intends to help achieve better erection.
All you need to do is simply fill the pump with water while in shower and place it over your organ. Then eject water out from a valve provided in the device. Begin to push the device toward the pubic bone, and you can see that the penis gets drawn up the tube. This pressure begins an erection. You have to keep this on for 15 minutes and repeat the process. To remove you have to compress the main valve and release the pressure. A hand-free shower strap is also available along with the device which makes it even easier for you to use it during shower. Apart from offering results of a larger penis, Bathmate Hydromax pump can even help overcome premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems too. You can buy penis enlargement pump in UK from Sexual Performance Total which offers variants of Bathmate.
From a medical point of view, the drugs without evidence can even be harmful to your body. Although some claim to contain safe ingredients, it is risky to assume that there won't be any side effects. Also bear in mind that, having a good sex life involves not just the penis size but a psychological and emotional attachment with your partner. Communicate your concerns with your partner rather than bearing the guilt all by yourself. Together, you could work out ways to better your sex life. You could even consult a sex therapist and go for a few sessions to feel better despite the size of your organ. Remember, the most important function in sex is the nervous system. If your brain sends the right signals to your organ, then most of your problem can get sorted out. Remove that mental block which brings down your morale and pushes you into the darkness of doubt. And think of it this way, some of us are tall, some of us are short and we have been given different capacities. So no matter what size is yours, you can still manage to impress your girl with certain other strong points.

Abstain from succumbing to common myths which will play on your psyche. To become great in bed, you need to push the right buttons to tickle your woman's pleasure senses. And don't ignore a woman's words when she says, €Size doesn't matter but what you do with it does.

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